1 March 2013

Tonight I went to see Jules and Jim at the Trylon Microcinema. As the showing before mine was emptying out, I heard one of the moviegoers note that he caught a few more things on this viewing than he did before. His comment set the theme for my viewing. I saw the film a few years ago when I was in my Criterion Collection phase in college. Jules and Jim was one of the first art house films I saw as I was getting into the genre. I remember being particularly fond of it upon first viewing. The conventional narrative structure and relatively action packed plot made it more accessible than some of the other art house stuff I was watching.

Watching it again with much more cinema experience and a college term paper on the French New Wave under my belt, the main thing I picked up on this time that I missed the first time was the cinematography. Cinematography was important to Truffaut, and his innovations influenced many subsequent filmmakers.


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