28 February 2013

My favorite thrift store in the whole world is the St. Vincent de Paul store in Green Bay Wisconsin. I grew up near and went to school in Green Bay. It is the thrift store that I have spent the most time in. When I lived in Green Bay, I visited it at least once a month. This St. Vinnies (as I call it) has great selection and low prices. Paperback books are $0.25 and most clothing items are under $5.

St. Vinnies was always busy. There was a food pantry across the road from it. One stop shopping for the destitute. You saw all walks of life at St. Vinnes. Often there were down and out folks trying to update their wardrobe for an upcoming job interview. Of course, there were plenty of hipsters looking for an ironic t-shirt or monogrammed work shirt. There were lots of old people who went shopping for things that they didn’t need so that they could get out of the house for a while.

St. Vinnes is where my dad taught me how to thrift, and where I honed my skills. It is the standard against which I measure every thrift shop I go to. I went to St Vinnes recently after having been away for a while. They had switched away from the old color coded pricing system, and everything now had tags that were scanned. Prices, of course, went up. I’ll miss my old thrift store.


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