28 January 2013

Dave Wiegel’s most recent piece is an update from the National Review Institute’s post election summit. The National Review put on the event to get conservative thought leaders and politicians together to consider why Republicans lost the presidential election. There seemed to be agreement that the problem was lack of a clear conservative message. The demographic problems for the Republican Party that Jon Chait and Ryan Lizza have written about hold no sway with this crowd.

The conservative movement has done an amazing job of establishing and encouraging a conservative culture. Conservatives can consume a media diet tailored to them. The conservative media world creates a culture in which those consuming its products come to view the world in the terms that it has established.

This has been an effective way to build a winning political coalition for several decades. The coalition remains as strong as ever, but its ability to win elections seems to be waning. The same things that have made a strong movement are now making it difficult for the movement to change to adapt to the times.


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