16 January 2013

More on millennials.

“Laura Bennett takes up the issue in the October 5, 2012 volume of The New Republic. The title, “Woe is Twee,” sets the stage for the generational hit piece that follows. Bennett suggests that the foremost form of artistic expression for millennials should be called “you-ism.” She writes, “’You-ism’ is less a matter of twentysomethings trying to understand their circumstances than simply taking inventory of their feelings, reassuring themselves by projecting their worldview onto the world.” The problem, according to Bennett, with millennial artists is that they have become so wrapped up in finding their own identity, they lost all self awareness.

In accusing Lena Dunham and her ilk of lacking self awareness, Bennett betrays her lack of understanding of her topic. Bennett even goes for far as to suggest that we are unaware of our privilege. Elizabeth Gumport debunks this theory in her review of Tiny Furniture in n+1 (the literary journal of the millennial. Though much of the commentary on Dunham revolves around gender issues, Gumport argues that privilege ought to be considered as a major theme as well.”


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