15 January 2013

I have no excuse for missing yesterday. The move has been taking up a lot of my thoughts, and I don’t quite know how to write about that . Here are some words for a piece that I’ll continue (maybe) at some time in the future.
“Mine is the first generation in American history in which my peers and I might not be better off than our parents. The implications of this fact are staggering. Americans are progressives at heart, and perhaps the central trait of the American identity is hope that we will provide a better lifestyle for the next generation. The key determinant of a better lifestyle in America is the degree to which the individual can prosper and find fulfillment. Fulfillment has meant various things at various stages of American history. It also means different things for different races and social classes.

The educated upper middle classes have gotten the most attention for their efforts to come to terms with the potential end of American material progress. The intellectual and creative classes come from this group, and they are the most likely to articulate their feelings on the topic. The release of several new books has invited a rash of review essays on the cultural output of twentysomethings.”


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