7 January 2013

I’ve got a few more thoughts on the Guardian Piece today.

“Rachel Rosenfelt is the editor of The New Inquiry. In the Guardian piece, she calls the publication, “a movement as much as a magazine.” I’m inclined to agree with her. I’m a subscriber to The New Inquiry. For $2 a month, she sends an electronic copy of the magazine to my inbox. All of the content in the magazine is available for free on the website, and I don’t have an e-reader to read the magazine conveniently. I give my $2 a month to The New Inquiry, because I think that they are doing important work. If I had been born 50 years ago, I would have gone into academia without question. Today the choice is not so easy. I’m left with a serious question of what to do with my intellectualism. I’ve applied to graduate school. I went to a third tier state school as an undergraduate, and I’ve put myself at a serious disadvantage at the top schools I’ve applied to. Rosenfelt’s mission is truly inspirational. She started The New Inquiry as an outlet for people like me who would have become academics a generation ago, but have no clear path today. The public intellectual of the future might be even more public than those of the past. I will be an intellectual no matter what my vocation is, and I’m now considering a backup plan if graduate school doesn’t work out. The internet breaks down the barriers making your work available, and I can write and be published even if I work as a paralegal.

Our generation is picking up the pieces of the American Century. The institutions that sustained American dominance and stability are crumbling, and we are making our own.”


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