1 January 2013

Today I wrote for my Statement of Purpose for my application to the University of Missouri-Columbia. The bulk of the statement is the same for all of the schools that I am applying to, and what I wrote today is my argument for why I want to study at Missouri specifically.

“The University of Missouri is an ideal place to begin my studies. After I earn my Master’s degree at Missouri, I will go on to earn my PhD, and pursue a career in academia. There are several scholars at Missouri that I would like to work with. Steven Watts has done great work in intellectual and cultural history. He has focused on Midwesterners (Hefner, Disney, and Ford) and their influence on American culture. Mark Carroll would be a good resource because of his work on regional history. As a well established field, Southern history has confronted many of the questions that will any regional historian must consider. Studying in Columbia also provides me with easy access to the State Historical Society of Missouri. These archives contain a wealth of sources pertaining to Midwestern history. Study at the University of Missouri is desirable because the History Department is well rounded, and staffed by scholars that will help me pursue my specific interests. Columbia is a great place to pursue my topic, because of access to sources for my research.”


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